What are the pros and cons of anal sex?

How to have pain free anal sex?

How to have pain free anal sex?

Pain free sex is not a big thing if you can decide to stimulates each other. Stimulation is very important to both partners who are playing any type of sex together because if you are not able to stimulates each other than you both are not produce lubricant and enough lubricant. Than your penetration is very hard and painful and it effects your sexual desire and mood also, in some case its possible that it ruin your relationships. You can add some new and exciting anal sex positions if you want pain-free anal sex. You can add some lubricants like personal lubricants, anal lubricant, tingling gel lubricants, warming lubricants etc. This kinds of things add something new sensations in your anal sex you also can includes the different types of vibrator sex toys in your anal sex and any other type of sex.

How can we make things slippery?

How can we make things slippery?

If people want that anal sex can be so slippery than you can use different types of the anal sex lubricants. Anal sex lubricants are comes in many types but you have to choose it always according to your skin type and personal preference. Anal sex lubricants are :-

Water based lubricants:- water based lubricants are most compatible sex lubricants for the anal se. Because these are goes good with sex toys and also compatible with the condom but the small thing is you need to reapply this because this have wear consistency so that the molecules are going to absorb by the skin.

Silicone based lubricant:- Silicone based lubricant is one of the best lubricants for anal sex because this is hard in consistency so it is not absorb in the skin. But when you are using the silicon based lubricant you have to know that you can’t use it with the silicone made sex lubricant otherwise your sex toys may damaged. You also can’t use it with the latex lubricants.

Oil based lubricants:- Oil based lubricant is good for the skin because of moisture but it is not so good for the anal sex because it can’t go smooth with the condoms. Both of these have some cemical reaction and because of that the condom were destroys fastly.

Natural lubricates: - if people want than they can use the natural lubricants like aelovera gel, organic lubricant gel, nururun lubricants etc.

Homemade lubricants:- Some people are very particular about the anal sex and the lubricant and only for that they made the personal sex lubricant in their homes.

Anal sex pros and cons?

Anal sex pros and cons?

As we all knows that there are two aspects of anything in this world, same as this this is also applicable in the anal sex. So there are some pros and cons of anal sex like: -

Pros of anal sex:-

A different type of orgasm:- Some people are have much more intendance orgasm from anal sex specially women. Why is this happens because thousands of nerve endings in your anus. So we can say that if you are currently struggle to orgasm from regular vaginal sex, than you may find anal sex to be way more pleasurable.

The kinky effect:- Yes, anyone can’t denied from the kinky factor in the anal play. If you tried this first time than you can definitely feel the pleasure of anal sex.

No risk of pregnancy:- This one is obvious, but anal sex means that there is almost zero chances of pregnancy.

The replacement:- Now a days the vaginal sex are overrated and the trend is anal sex as we all knows. You also can enhance the anal sex with using the anal sex toys. Its a good thing about the anal sex that you don’t have to worry about the sexual transmitted disease and the pregnancy.

Cons of anal sex:-

Anal sex needs planning:- One of the biggest problem with having anal sex, is that it requires some planning. You probably don’t want to try anal after a big favorite’s lunch. You are also going to prepaid specially when you are having anal sex first time, because than you need to clean yourself properly otherwise you can meet some of the infections like sexual transmitted disease.

Some love it, some don’t:- Some women really adore the anal sex. They find incredibaly pleasurable, while other doesn’t find it pleasurable at all. It come sown to personal preference, so if you try it and don’t enjoy it that’s fine. There is no need to stress about it if they don’t get much stimulation from it. Most of the people who are going first time with the anal sex they just don’t like the anal sex very much because they can’t feel very good about it like sometimes they feel ugly, not pleasurable and painful. These are the main reasons of the dot get into the anal sex.