Explain anal sex positions and what are the important thing that you have to know during the anal sex position?

Explain anal sex positions?

Explain anal sex positions?

Anal sex is full of fun and pleasurable always but some of people wants to make it more sexy and enjoyable. In that phase you can add some positions in your anal sex. So today we want you to explain something new and exciting anal sex positions, to making hot your anal sex. Yes we all knows that all types of anal sex position are good but it is also better to add something more experience into it. And it is not like that you have only one sex position for anal sex which is doggy style. Naaaaa, So let’s check some new sex positions:-

Rear entry:- This is one of the erotic but awesome anal sex position. This one anal sex position are far more likely used by man. People who wants to complete there erotic fantasies, they can easily use this real entry anal sex position. As it explain by its name ‘rear entry’ you can involve in this sex position from using a rear position not only the simple one. Having sex in the rear entry sex position doesn’t have to mean that you both are rude or something, it is just a gesture of love and affection. You can also do one thing that discuss your wishes and desire with your partner, because his being the leading one means nothing if someone feels uncomfortable. Because under these situation nobody will be, entirely satisfied.

Turtle anal sex position:-This is also a erotic anal sex position. In this sex position women sits on her feet, cuddle tightly her knees to her breast, after that she lowers her head and stretches her arms forward. The man is on his knees, with his thighs opened behind her, on overhangs the female partner leaning on his arms, that her placed on the both sides from her. The women can not active part in this position, she surrenders meekly to his partner, allowing him to lead and confiding her body to him. She is leaded by feelings that partner is obliged to provide.

Cross anal sex position:- As it explain by its name you can insert in one time from the beside of her. People can try this sex on bed, on chair and also on the floor.

See saw position:- Most couple find it little bit hard because in this sex position where they are actually facing each other, that is why mostly couples are not trying this but we also know that trying something like this is so erotic and fantabulous. To trying firstly you have to your man first need to sit down on the bed using in the hands behind him to keep himself sort and alright. Optionally he can lie down.

Doggy style anal sex position: - This is the most popular anal sex position in all the anal sex tricky and easy anal sex positions. You can try this anal sex position anywhere you want. We also can say that because without the doggy style sex position anal sex is not complete. This is superbly easy on to the platform, all you need to do is get down on to your hands and the knees with your legs spread out, after that your man can insert anally from behind while his knees. Your man can really be dominant in this doggy sex style position by grabbing your hips, waist, shoulders, hairs to thrust into will you more power and force. You are also in per fact position, to push back against him especially in front of wall.

Lap dance position:- The lap dance position is one of which you will be doing most of the work. While performing the lap dance position your man have to sit on the sofa or chair , with his legs spread and open. You than need to reverse open on him, sit down onto him and let him enter you. Lap dance anal sex position is looks likes that you are doing lap dance with your partner on the chair and the sofa. If you find yourself getting tired from leaning forward than just lean backward onto your man and than take rest your weight on his lap.

What are the important thing that you have to know during the anal sex position?

What are the important thing that you have to know during the anal sex position?

There are lots of thing that you should take extra focus on like during the anal sex positing you need to be very flexible. Because some of the sex position are very difficult to try, so don’t be so harsh during the sex positions, you need to relax if you are tired and feel uncomfortable. Otherwise you can feel the pain after the anal sex. You can also do some of the flexibility exercise before involving in the anal sex position. You also have to wear a condom, because is also good to prevent the bacteria’s with the seaman.

You have also clean the penis and also anal otherwise you can face some serious issues like sexual transited disease and hiv aids. Or if you are using a sex toy to make more pleasurable to your sex than you have to wash the sex toys also. Next last but not the least thing is you need to use the anal lubricant because as we all knows that anal lubricant is must in the anal sex because anal is not produced the lubricant like the vaginal area. So you need to use the compatible lubricant with the sex toy and also with your penis. You can use water, anal, silicon, oil and natural based lubricant.