How we can make it plesaure and What is the key to being relax in anal sex?

Is anal sex pleasurable for the first time?

Is anal sex pleasurable for the first time?

Anal sex is pleasurable all the times for all people. But it is also depends on the body and the couples that how they goanna be do it. That is one of the important things. Anal sex means penis in anal. Some people like it and some people even don’t want to talk about that and it’s because of some reasons. If you don’t want it or don’t want to try it, it is not ok to for someone to pressure you into it. If you are not doing anal sex just because you seems like messy than you can take some precautions and you can easily do anal sex.

Anal sex can hurt you if you are not relaxed and don’t use lubricant. Lubricant is important thing because anal is not self lubricated and if you are not using the right type of lubricant than you are in a trouble because after this your anal sex may be so painful for you. Lubricant is also make your anal sex easier and keeps smooth.

How can you make it pleasurable?

How can you make it pleasurable?

You can easily make your anal sex pleasurable but you have to do some of the practice before it like:-

Just relax: - The last thing you want before trying anal is stressful. "If you're hesitating, panicking, or not, there's no stopping anyone, and what does that mean?" If this is your first time trying anal sex, then spend some time relaxing - take a hot bath, ask your partner to give you an erotic massage, heck, you can also meditate. You can also specifically focus on relaxing your anal muscles. To see what feels, tighten your butt muscles like Keel for the other end and then release.

Communication:- Communication between two partner in anal play or any types of play is important and essential. If they are not coordinate to each other than they cannot involve into each other and this will make your anal sex incorrect. Anal sex is not a easy thing to do so first talk about this to your partner is good for both of you. Just take out your fear about the anal sex in front of your partner is good for your love it shows that affection of love.

Lubricant:- Apply lubricant is must in the anal play because anal is not self lubricated as like the vagina. So you have to apply it for smooth rides and to get rid of discomfort play. Lubricant is one of the best ways to ease your anal play. The more lubricant you use, the more comfort you get.

Condom:- Use a condom is safe thing for you. Yes people are thinking that no need to use the condom in the anal play and that is a right thing but it safe for prevent the sexual transmitted disease and infections. Sometimes couple are change the vaginal side from the anal side so in that case the germs and the bacteria’s of the any infection.

Do not take stress:- If you are in stress than the anal sex is bit difficult because it tighten your spincture muscles. It is also tighten your all body muscles.

Take it slow:- No matter that you are doing the anal sex first time or not. The thing is you need to slow down otherwise it hurts you and it also ruin your mood. The key is gentle and smooth. In case of you are doing the anal sex first time that you should do that slowly. If people think that we are using lubricant still we have to go slow for what? Then you should because the muscles are tight and not able to stretch it just with the lubricant you need to slow down and you also need to do foreplay before doing anal penetration. Please no need to forgot the foreplay and vaginal play.

What is the key to being relax in anal sex?

What is the key to being relax in anal sex?

Yes, people need to relax before anal play that is the only thing that makes your anal sex better and comfortable as you want. Anal have the creation of many types of little muscles and these can be pretty tight, so give relaxation to those muscles is important because of easy and smooth anal penetration. Booty relaxation is most important thing because without that you can’t do the things so easily. For relaxation you can do many things like :-

• Take a hot bath

• Meditation

• Foreplay

•Lubricant yourself

•Create loving atmosphere

• Make the things special.